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With more than 25,000 portraits and thousands of commercial assignments in his portfolio, 2014 is shaping up to be a landmark year for award-winning photographer Kevin Fahey. His longtime Bakersfield studio, Fahey Photography, is celebrating 42 years of portrait, commercial and art photography.

            Fahey’s photography does more than just show a static picture of a smiling face. His portraits capture the nuances of personal relationships, using warm lighting and treasured items to create memorable images of families, children, individuals and pets. With thirty-five years of experience behind him, Fahey knows how to create a mood that will bring out the sparkling personality and natural beauty in every one of his clients.

            What began as a passion for photography and art has evolved into a career as one of California’s most widely recognized portrait photographers. Fahey was ten years old when he received a box camera for Christmas, and he was instantly hooked on the creative potential of photography, particularly after he began developing his technical skills in the darkroom. “Seeing an image develop on a blank piece of paper was magic,” he remembers. Although his now-antiquated box camera has given way to state-of-the-art photographic technology, he’s still thrilled by the process—and a bit humbled by his impact. “My work is in the homes of clients across the country,” he notes. “My portraits become a part of people’s lives, and it’s an honor to create works of art that will be part of a family’s cherished memories for generations to come.”

            The beauty and diversity of nature is often an integral part of Fahey’s striking portraits, and Bakersfield’s temperate climate makes it possible for him to incorporate natural foliage in his portrait settings year round. As a lifelong fan of famed landscape photographer Ansel Adams, Kevin was inspired by the master’s innovative use of black-and-white imagery to show the wonders of the natural world. Adams’ dedication to the “blazing poetry of the real” guided the development of Kevin’s technique, and he began to blend natural settings into his portraits. Today, the Fahey Photography studios on H Street feature lush gardens and floral backgrounds that change with the seasons and add a unique warmth to each individual portrait.

A memorable portrait relies on the photographer’s ability to create an image that best reflects the subject’s personality—and as camera technology has become increasingly sophisticated, the art of portrait photography has blossomed. Early portrait photography was rooted in painting techniques, with unsmiling people posed awkwardly against a plain backdrop as the photographer struggled with primitive equipment. As equipment and techniques have improved, portrait photographers like Fahey have begun to develop relationships with their clients that help them highlight unique personality traits. If you’ve ever heard some one say that a photo “really captured who I am,” then you understand how personal the work of a talented photographer can be.

            Individual attention is an integral part of a Fahey portrait. Fahey himself works with each client, using his eye for artistic detail and vast experience with color and lighting to create a flattering environment. “I want my clients to have an artistic representation that they can be proud of,” Fahey notes. He knows that choosing a portrait photographer is an intensely personal decision, so Fahey guarantees that his clients will have their photographs taken personally by him and not by an assistant or trainee. With a full-time artist on staff, Fahey Photography’s portrait retouching is done in-house—and it’s definitely a family affair. Portrait artist Laura Fahey, Fahey’s wife, is an expert in the latest enhancement techniques that complement each photo with subtle detailing and eliminate unwanted elements. With a full-service studio on the premises, the end result is a customized portrait that perfectly reflects his client’s personality.

            Fahey’s internationally award-winning portrait photography has been consistently recognized by his professional peers for his use of creative and innovative techniques, and he’s photographed numerous celebrities, including Ray Charles, the Pointer Sisters, and his personal favorite, Ansel Adams. He is the only photographer ever to win the Bakersfield Photographer of the Year Award—not once, but twice. His work has received awards from the Professional Photographers of America, the world’s largest non-profit association for professional photographers; Kodak; Professional Photographers of California; and Southern Sierra Professional Photographers. In addition, his connections with professional photography organizations help keep him on the vanguard of the latest trends and most technologically advanced equipment. He is a past president of the Southern Sierra Professional Photographers and a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of California, Senior Photographers International and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

            Fahey honed his craft at Bakersfield College, UC Santa Barbara, the West Coast School of Photography at Brooks Institute, and Golden Gate School of Photography in San Francisco, studying with some of the greatest portrait photographers of all time. He keeps his skills fresh by attending photographic conventions and seminars, where he learns more about new techniques and industry trends.

            As a longtime Bakersfield resident, Kevin Fahey’s commitment to our community is reflected in the many service organizations to which he lends his time and talents. He is a past member of the Elks Club and the Active 20-30 Club and is active in the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce and Bakersfield West Rotary, where he currently serves as the club’s Youth Services Director and acts as a mentor to the high school Interact Clubs that are in his Rotary district. He and his wife Laura are the proud parents of three sons and grandparents of two—and you can be certain that Fahey’s family portraits line the walls of his own home.  

            “One of the best parts of being established in a community like Bakersfield is that my clients come back year after year,” Fahey says. “I’ve photographed children, watched them grow up, and now I’m photographing their children. It’s a genuine pleasure to be a part of my client’s family traditions. ”


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